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+Detail is a design consultancy offering a multidisciplinary approach including architecture, interior design, graphic design and wayfinding strategy to create branded interior environments.

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Architecture & Interior Design

At +Detail, every space has a unique story waiting to unfold. As a full-service, woman-owned architecture, and design consultancy, the focus is on delivering holistic solutions that cater to client's diverse needs. Spaces are crafted to be warm and inclusive, making each person who enters feel valued, cared for, and entirely at ease.

The projects and interiors brought to life go beyond physical spaces; they weave narratives, creating settings for positive experiences and interactions. It's about the impact—forming meaningful connections through thoughtful design.Here, buildings and interiors aren't just constructed or designed; they are meticulously curated environments. Each detail is fine-tuned to align with an organization's mission, enhancing the well-being of its community and leaving a lasting, positive impression on everyone involved.
Cleveland Healthcare Interior Design and Architecture

Graphic Design

Effective graphics are infused with your brand’s personality, seamlessly integrating into the built environment. Incorporating wayfinding strategies and environmental graphics into the architectural language and interior design proves to be the most effective method for guiding customers through complex environments, instilling confidence in their decision-making journey.

+Detail’s expertise spans architecture, interior design, and graphic design, and the ability to weave wayfinding strategies and environmental graphics into the design fabric creates a compelling and coherent brand experience.

In a world where spaces are becoming increasingly homogenized, we see a need for spaces that are colorful and unique.

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