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Creating positive vibes and memorable experiences in interior environments since 2015.

Detail Design Studio Healthcare Environmental Graphics for Hospitals
We create spaces with a design aesthetic tailored to showcase your personality, cultivate brand loyalty and elicit a lasting impression.
Our Work

Our Values.

Creating spaces that stand the test of time.

We provide seamless solutions that are sustainable and make the lives of the people who use them easier, without sacrificing durability, aesthetics, or making maintenance harder.

Optimizing the standards process.

We have an optimized standards process that works for anyone. While your brand standards are different and unique to your brand, the process is not. We provide a seamless, cloud-based model for your business.

Multidisciplinary Design

The +Detail team bridges the gap between architecture, interior, and graphic design, creating universally appealing environments that attract patients and work well for clinicians.

Steadfast commitment to the environment.

For +Detail, sustainability does not mean specifying the ‘latest and greatest’ products on the market constructed of unproven materials but instead using tried and true solutions, which often prevail. We source products made in the USA whenever possible.

Institutional design is our wheelhouse.

We focus solely on design and architecture where people learn and heal, and we do it really well. Our team has experience working with healthcare systems all over the country. We are always up to date with new materials, technologies, and sustainability practices specific to this market.

Offering innovative solutions.

As women-owned and operated, our small business model is able to adapt and pivot quickly to the ever-changing innovation and technology offered by the design world.


Our Approach.

At +Detail, we believe in doing things differently.
When we work we give it our all. We are driven by the belief that design is the key to helping businesses achieve their goals and make an impact on the world. Our team is passionate about design and we want nothing more than to deliver design solutions with intent and purpose.
We work as a team, supporting each other along the way. We're fully immersed in our vision for +Detail and doing everything we can to push our business forward and create designs that support our client's mission.
Our work means the world to each of us, and we also know that life is full of passions, families, and things pulling at us that occur outside the bounds of the workplace. We believe in our team, their dreams, and high-reaching goals at work and in every other aspect of life. We are a group of kick-ass designers, and we are so much more than that. Work/life balance is a subjective term and we want each individual to have the flexibility to define it for themselves.
At +Detail, we give all employees complete autonomy over their schedule to support them as a whole person so that we get the best out of them to in turn give our clients the best possible experience and solutions.
Meet the Team

Built on partnerships, not projects.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients and collaborators, and we view each project with a new client as the beginning of a journey to serve their best interest over and over again. Getting the first job is easy. Getting the second project for us is the best measure of a job well done.
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We are architects, design strategists, designers, and consultants ready to bring new levels of optimization to your rapidly changing facilities.

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