Interiors-focused architecture.

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Every space tells a story, and architecture is the foundation upon which those stories are built.

We understand the power of crafting spaces where everyone feels welcome, well-treated, and at ease.
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Plus Detail Design Studio Team women owned and ACHA-accredited team member

Partnering to Create Ideal Environments.

A multi-award-winning team that stands at the forefront of design innovation and architectural excellence.

Our full-service offerings are powered by a fusion of team members. From ACHA-accredited to cutting-edge design technology innovators, we all have deep-rooted expertise in architectural design and interior spaces.

Our mission is not just to transform spaces but to significantly enrich lives and elevate experiences. We stand for more than just design; we symbolize the growth, diversity, and expertise that drive us to make a tangible impact on every project we touch.
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Award-Winning and Women-Owned.

Our woman-owned status is a source of strength that empowers us to challenge norms, break barriers, and contribute to a broader cultural shift toward a dynamic architectural landscape and inclusivity.
2019 AIA Akron Design Award. New Patient Tower, Summa Health System
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2017 AIA Cleveland Design Award. Centers for Dialysis Care, East Lobby Renovation
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2019 AIA Cleveland Design Award. Eric Baker Nord Theater Expansion, Oberlin College
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2020 AIA Ohio Design Award. Centers for Dialysis Care Headquarters, CDC
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2021 IIDA Design Award. University Hospitals, Zagara Multi-Specialty Clinic
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Creating Healing Environments for Behavioral and Mental Health Wellness

Creating Healing Environments for Behavioral and Mental Health Wellness

The art of weaving a tapestry, with each thread contributing to the overall masterpiece with its unique color and texture, creates an intricate interplay of variety and consistency, forming a connected whole while allowing individual uniqueness to shine through.
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