A New Front Door for a Hospital Grounded within its Community.

Summa Health New Patient Tower


Interior Design

Environmental Graphic Design


Akron, OH


NAIOP Award of Excellence in Architecture

AIA Akron Design Awards; Honor Award

AIA Akron Design Awards; People’s Choice Award

Mission Statement translated into the interior.

The mission of Summa, which speaks about the layers of people involved in total health care was translated into the interior environment by creating layers of material that become exposed as you delve deeper into the space. What starts as a wood wall encompassing the main concourse peels back to reveal layers of back painted glass and natural stone to highlight points of interest and enhance the wayfinding strategy throughout.

Signage, Graphics & Artwork

Wayfinding throughout was taken into consideration with the use of bright colors derived from Summa Health’s recent re-branding efforts. The wood paneling featured throughout the lobby peels back to reveal brightly colored panels to identify elevator lobbies, information desks and department entrances.

Custom Glass Highlighting Areas of Respite.

A custom glass pattern was designed as an extension of the layering concept and is used to identify family lounges, waiting rooms, and areas of respite. It also serves as a focal point at the end of patient room corridors.

Special Considerations for Special Spaces

While most of the patient tower is neutral, with color reserved for areas of interest, special consideration was given to the NICU to reflect a pediatric essence. The use of color is still limited, but the tones are more vibrant, and the shapes are more playful. The floor pattern connects each caregiver station to the correlating patient rooms through colored petals in the floor pattern.

Total Healthcare Embodied: Reflecting Comprehensive Care through Summa Health's Interior Transformation

In collaboration with Perspectus Architecture and Hasenstab Architects, +Detail proudly showcased its Interior Design and Environmental Graphic Design expertise through the Summa Health New Patient Tower project. This collaboration exemplifies a seamless blend of architectural ingenuity and environmental aesthetics, setting a new benchmark in healthcare design.

This transformative project is more than just a physical renovation; it reimagines how healthcare spaces can positively influence patient experiences and outcomes. At the core of this endeavor lies our commitment to integrating design elements that enhance the visual appeal and embody the spirit of total healthcare.

Through meticulous planning and creative execution, the Summa Health New Patient Tower now stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in the healthcare sector. It's a space where functionality meets elegance, patient well-being is echoed in every detail, and the environment becomes a part of the healing process.