Cleveland Clinic Mentor Hospital: Elevating Modern Care

Cleveland Clinic Mentor Hospital


Furniture Planning


Mentor, OH

Cleveland Clinic embarked on an ambitious vision to bring a modern micro-hospital to the heart of Lake County, Ohio.

The 95,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility balances Cleveland Clinic’s storied tradition with forward-thinking design.

A Collaborative Design Vision

Working with the Cleveland Clinic Buildings + Design Department and Bostwick Design Partnership, +Detail created a bespoke furniture package that not only aligns seamlessly with the Cleveland Clinic's unique design aesthetic but also caters to the ever-evolving demands of a large healthcare organization. This collaboration exemplifies the fusion of creativity, innovation, and practicality in healthcare design and showcases how a carefully planned furniture package can enhance both the physical environment and the overall functionality of healthcare facilities.

Functionality Meets Aesthetic Brilliance

Mentor Hospital encompasses 34 inpatient/observation rooms, a 19-bed emergency department, a family health center, and four state-of-the-art operating rooms. Throughout the planning phase, +Detail was actively involved from the outset to ensure that the furniture requirements were seamlessly integrated with architectural layouts and equipment selections.

Furthermore, a real-time budgeting system was implemented to anchor every design decision in financial viability. While visually appealing, furniture selections prioritize resilience, considering factors such as material durability, solid construction, and functional support—critical attributes in any healthcare setting.

Thoughtful Furnishings to Enhance Vibrant Artwork

The lobby is a testament to +Detail's meticulous planning, where the captivating artwork shines amidst thoughtfully chosen furniture. While the breathtaking, vibrant sculptural installation in the lobby by Eva LeWitt steals the limelight, the furniture selections play a harmonious supporting role, offering sophistication without overshadowing the art.

Overcoming the Pandemic's Production Hurdles & Harnessing the Power of Local Craftsmanship

The journey of creating Cleveland Clinic Mentor Hospital was not without its unique challenges, primarily stemming from the lingering shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furniture production and materials saw unprecedented delays, demanding creative solutions and adaptability. +Detail engaged in phased order placement to navigate these delays and tapped into the local community's craftsmanship, commissioning them to produce specific pieces that faced extended delays. This decision ensured timely completion of the project and strengthened community ties and involvement in this landmark project.

A Modern Micro-Hospital for Mentor

Cleveland Clinic Mentor Hospital promises top-tier care while staying true to modern architectural language and challenging industry norms. By prioritizing efficiency, aesthetics, and sustainability, Cleveland Clinic Mentor Hospital is a modern healthcare beacon.