Transforming a traditional cubicle environment into a vibrant workspace that fosters focused work with pockets for peace and connection.

University Hospitals Administrative Headquarters


Interior Design

Workplace Strategy

Furniture Planning


Cleveland, OH

Interiorizing the Mission Statement

The Administrative Headquarters for University Hospitals was a sea of cubicles hindering intentional collaboration and lacking the cutting-edge atmosphere that UH is renowned for. Detail took on the challenge of transforming this space into a vibrant and functional environment that truly represented UH's brand and supported its future growth.

Reorganizing for Efficiency

The primary focus of the renovation was to reorganize administrative functions to align with current workflows and provide suitable working environments for various departments.

While the trend in the corporate world is to embrace open office concepts, +Detail recognized the importance of balancing collaboration with the need for focused, distraction-free work. By conducting surveys and understanding the unique needs of each department, they successfully blended an open office layout with privacy measures that eliminated distractions and catered to individual work requirements and desires.

Planning for Future Growth

+Detail approached the redesign with the future in mind. They meticulously planned and mapped out desk locations, ensuring that departments that work closely together were situated adjacent to one another. This intentional floor planning allowed for ease of future growth within each department, aligning with UH's long-term goals and avoiding the need for frequent reconfiguration.

A Warm Welcome Back to the Office

The renovated space aimed to warmly welcome UH employees back after a challenging period of navigating the overloaded medical system and remote work.

+Detail incorporated elements that conveyed UH's vision and values, fostering happiness, collaboration, and peace. Functional design and subtle art showcased simplicity, authenticity, and peace – core values of the UH brand. Additionally, the use of durable, sustainable materials, sourced from within the US, demonstrated UH's commitment to sustainability. This was especially important in light of lessons learned in a post-COVID world where it has become more apparent how important it is for organizations to have an intentional brand presence.

Designing for the Hybrid Employee

In addition to understanding how the administrative teams work in the office, +Detail also needed to understand when they work. In today’s virtual world, many employees are fully remote or hybrid.

To optimize real estate utilization, they implemented a desk reservation system that allowed remote or hybrid employees to reserve workspace ahead of time. This system extended to conference rooms, providing remote teams with a dedicated space for planned meetings. Collaborative areas were technologically equipped to make remote workers feel valued and included, creating a seamless integration between in-person and virtual team members.

Letting UH’s Brand Messaging Emanate from the Design

The redesign of this space was the start of an exciting phase in UH’s design and construction planning as the hospital is working towards creating a cohesive and consistent interior design style among all of its hospitals and offices. This new design style is intentional in asserting University Hospital's unique brand to give the vibes of cooperative, compassionate, care that the hospital is known for.

+Detail played a pivotal role in asserting UH's values of collaborative and compassionate care throughout the design's form and function.

+Detail's commitment to providing strong attention to every single detail helped to create a space that feels good and leaves a lasting, positive impression.

+Detail was honored to collaborate with the University Hospital team and their esteemed partners to bring this transformative project to life. As the provider of workplace strategy, interior design, and furniture specifications, +Detail is proud to have played a crucial role in creating a collaborative oasis that supports growth and expresses UH's exceptional brand.