A New Flagship Facility for a Patient-Centered Dialysis Care Organization

Centers for Dialysis Care Headquarters


Interior Design

Branded Graphic Design

Furniture Specifications


Cleveland, OH


AIA Ohio Design Award of Merit

Program Highlights

60 Station Dialysis Treatment Area

Clinician Education and Training Center

Administrative Headquarters

Patient Education and Home Training Center

Treatment Spaces

Caregiver workstations are designed to allow for maximum visibility while simultaneously concealing as much equipment and clinical instruments from the patient as possible while they are receiving treatment.

Dedicated Education Suite

The Peter B. DeOreo education suite is comprised of a large, flexible conference space as well as several smaller, more private rooms. The space serves to inspire doctors, nurses and technicians alike to share ideas with one another and collaborate throughout the facility with break out spaces designed for flexible group sizes and different levels of privacy.

Custom Wall Graphic

Intended as an abstract view of healthy kidney cells, the custom wall graphic can be seen from Stokes Boulevard and serves as a reminder that everyone coming to this facility shares a singular goal.

Crafting Excellence: The Fusion of Aesthetics and Functionality in Healthcare Design

In a harmonious partnership with Perspectus Architecture, +Detail has skillfully crafted a unique Interior Design, enriched with Branded Graphic Design and carefully selected Furniture Specifications, specifically for the Centers for Dialysis Care Headquarters. This collaboration is a vivid illustration of how artistic vision, innovative thinking, and practical application can unite to revolutionize the healthcare design landscape.

The project showcases a perfect fusion of form and function, where each design element serves a dual purpose: enhancing the visual environment and supporting the facility's operational needs. The design choices made for the Centers for Dialysis Care are not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically effective, ensuring that every aspect of the interior space contributes to a seamless and efficient healthcare experience.