Elevating the Kent State College of Aeronautics Building with Cutting-Edge Design and Brand Alignment

Kent State College of Aeronautics Building


Interior Design

Furniture Planning


Kent, OH

The Kent State Aeronautics Building project aimed to create a cutting-edge and functional space that aligned with Kent State University's brand and catered to the unique requirements of the aeronautics program.

+Detail, in collaboration with DS Architecture and LVK Design, was entrusted with designing and furnishing the space to support active learning, collaboration, and flexibility.

Fostering Enthusiastic Collaboration

+Detail's scope of work included providing a comprehensive furniture package for the project. They were chosen for their expertise in furnishing higher-education spaces that demand durability and longevity.

With small furniture groupings for breakout areas, they created spaces that encouraged collaboration before and after class. The color and aesthetic choices were driven by the engineering theme, incorporating bold pops of red/orange as a nod to the engineering field and blues to maintain consistency with the existing branded Kent State building.

Special Considerations for Flexibility in Education

Throughout the project, several considerations were made to ensure functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Powered furniture with USB ports were included for convenient charging, and the furniture's flexibility allowed for easy reconfiguration to accommodate events involving drones.

Different upholstery materials were strategically used in various areas. Wipeable and durable materials were selected near the cafe area, while softer upholstery was introduced in the administrative spaces to create a warmer atmosphere.

Seating Success: Crafting Classroom Comfort for Pedagogical Pursuits

The classrooms were designed with active learning in mind, featuring mobile chairs with desks and storage space for collaboration. The lecture hall was designed to be flexible, accommodating different teaching styles with considerations for projection screens and professor preferences. Incorporating active classroom setups was one of the innovative aspects of the project, reflecting the evolving needs and expectations of students.

Conveying the Design with room-by-room Mood Boards

+Detail worked closely with key stakeholders, including the Dean, University Architect, and University Interior Designer. Detailed room-by-room presentations were conducted, utilizing visualizations with images of furniture and upholstery options. This approach ensured the client fully understood and could visualize the conceptual design.

Crafting a Branded Visual Experience

The design of the Kent State Aeronautics Building incorporated the university's brand through the strategic use of blue hues and pops of color on more minor elements. The color scheme reinforced the university's identity and provided a cohesive visual experience throughout the space.

+Detail successfully transformed the Kent State Aeronautics Building into a cutting-edge and functional space that aligns with the university's brand. By considering the client's requirements, collaborating with key stakeholders, and incorporating innovative design concepts, +Detail delivered a space that fosters active learning, collaboration, and flexibility while maintaining a cohesive and branded aesthetic.