Unleashing Creativity: A Vibrant Hub for the Oberlin Theater Department

Oberlin College Eric Baker Nord Performing Arts Annex


Furniture Planning


Oberlin, OH


AIA Cleveland Design Awards; Honor Award

Stage Presence: Unveiling the Vibrant Gateway to Oberlin's Theater Dreams

The new theater lobby serves as the connecting point for both the main performance spaces and the gateway to the academic spaces of the theater department. As an addition to the Hall Auditorium, this space will be the first thing prospective students and visitors will experience when being introduced to the Oberlin Theater Department. The lobby and adjoining balcony spaces are filled with large-scale modular furniture covered with bold colors to create an energetic sense of community and shape a strong departmental identity. Visitors can feel the creative energy and are drawn to the excitement surrounding the Oberlin Theater Department when they walk through the front door.

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