Rachel Hopkins, Project Designer

Project Designer

Rachel has been drawn to the design of spaces since a young age. The thought of creating and transforming spaces, from the planning stage to the finished product, drove Rachel into a career in architecture.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Kent State University in 2014 and her Master in Architecture in 2015. She has worked on various projects since then including historic preservation, municipal, and higher education.

While working in architecture for the last eight years, Rachel has learned how to design and document many different components in a building. Her goal is now to gain more specific knowledge in the field of interior design.

It's been her lifetime ambition to create spaces and buildings that elicit an emotional response, while also creating an atmosphere that supports the functionality of the space. She believes that our spaces should be designed to enhance people's lives, making them feel a sense of place and belonging.

Rachel loves making a space function better and is constantly renovating and embellishing her own home in her free time. She also loves spending time with her husband and soaking in her two precious little boys and dog.

Contact: rhopkins@plusdetail.co