We're Evolving, Introducing New Team Members

+Detail is growing and thriving, and some big things are in store for 2023. To continue providing the very best designs that support our client's missions, we have expanded the team.

Each new team member brings along a unique skill set and background providing the very best possible solutions and client experience.

Rachel Hopkins joins as a Project Designer, providing her sophisticated understanding of the design process, combining functionality with visual appeal. Rachel received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Kent State University in 2014 and her Master in Architecture in 2015. While working in architecture for the last eight years, Rachel has learned how to design and document many different components in a building. Her goal is now to gain more specific knowledge in the field of interior design.

Kristen Mara also joins as a Project Designer. Kristen provides unparalleled communication throughout the design process and a profound passion for all aspects of the industry and healthcare design. She is dedicated to creating spaces that are engaging, comfortable, and positive environments and loves seeing an organization’s values manifested in the spaces she designs. Kristen is a Certified Healthcare Interior Designer (CHID) and serves as Vice President of Professional Development of The International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Lastly, Grace Jones joined the team last year. Grace graduated from Kent State University with a Master’s in Architecture in 2013, and since then has spent nine years working in professional design. As a licensed architect, Grace has focused on healthcare architecture for the past six years and has found her calling in designing interior environments. Grace approaches each project with a fresh mindset and always goes above and beyond by thinking about what the client would want if she were in their shoes.

The firm has had incredible growth over the last few years, expanding our service line (more on that to come!) along with our team. We are grateful for all of the support from our team, our partners, and our awesome clients who have given us the opportunity to do what we do best…create positive vibes in healthcare environments and a supportive office environment right here at +Detail. The bottom line, we want to make the world a better place. We support each team member as a whole person so that we get the best out of them to in turn give our clients the best possible experience and solutions. We are so happy to be here, and cheers to an amazing 2023 and the future ahead!

Do you want to be part of our awesome team? We are continuing to expand!

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