A Picture-Perfect +Detail Picnic

We have had lots to celebrate this year, and we wanted to show our team and their families how much we appreciate them and take a break to enjoy each other. But at +Detail, we always shake things up a bit! We wanted our team to feel not just appreciated but celebrated.

Picture-Perfect Picnic with Picnic Party Cleveland

Picnic Party Cleveland transformed our ordinary picnic into something straight out of a Pinterest dream! The meticulous details and captivating designs were a feast for the eyes, tailored for the grown-ups and our littlest attendees. The inviting splash pad, lively playground, and the myriad of activities ensured our little ones had a day packed with giggles, adventure, and creativity. After all, when the youngsters are content, parents can unwind and enjoy the moment!

Capturing Memories with MBranding Photography

Amidst all the laughter, fun, and merriment, Marybeth Esposito of MBranding Photography was our gorgeous observer, capturing every candid moment, joyous laughter, and shared stories among colleagues. Not only did she record our day, but she also offered a special gift to all our team members: family portrait sessions. Because at +Detail, we believe in cherishing not just our work family but our personal ones, too.

More Than Just a Day Off

At +Detail, we cherish the essence of work-life balance. While we’re passionate about our jobs, we recognize that our lives are enriched with families, dreams, and aspirations outside the workplace. This picnic was a break and a testament to our belief in each member’s dreams, both at work and beyond.

As we basked under the warm sun, sharing stories, creating memories, and simply enjoying each other's company, we celebrated our collective spirit, shared journey, and the people who make +Detail truly special.

Here's to more sun, fun, and company gatherings that touch the heart!