+Detail Featured in Properties Magazine:

University Hospitals Connor Whole Health Project

We are pleased to announce that +Detail has been featured in the recent edition of Properties Magazine, a distinguished local publication revered in architecture and construction.

Showcasing the University Hospitals Connor Whole Health Project

The article delves into the intensive interior buildout project for University Hospitals Connor Whole Health in Beachwood, Ohio. This endeavor represents more than just a design project. The collaboration between +Detail, University Hospitals, and the Conner family embodies a shared commitment to cooperation, compassion, and exceptional care.

Envisioning Integrative Health Spaces

The essence of the UH Connor Whole Health project was to create an environment conducive to holistic well-being. We meticulously curated a space that would seamlessly promote the principles of integrative medicine and health practices. From selecting a soothing color palette to ensuring every design element was placed with intention, our objective was to foster an environment centered on healing and tranquility.


We thank University Hospitals, the Connor family, and Geis for trusting us with this paramount project. We also recognize the dedication and expertise of our team, whose diligent efforts ensured the successful realization of the UH Connor Whole Health vision.

Delve Deeper into the Project

View the case study for a comprehensive understanding of the project's intricacies from inception to fruition.